Frequently Asked Questions


For a wheelchair user, there can be many reasons for pain in shoulder, back, neck, wrists, etc and you are recommended to consult with your doctor / therapist.

However, one of the primary reasons for pain in shoulder, back, neck and wrists is incorrect posture. If you are presently using a wheelchair which is not customized according to your measurements, you are likely to experience these pains. NeoFly wheelchair can reduce this.

NeoFly is a compact wheelchair with a 30% smaller footprint. It will make narrow places accessible.

NeoFly is efficient to propel and covers 3 to 5 times more distance for every push as compared to conventional wheelchairs. Correct posture, rigid frame and ergonomic pushrim of NeoFly will ensure that pushing / propelling a wheelchair is fun and enjoyable.

NeoFly is a sleek wheelchair. On NeoFly you will be more visible than the wheelchair. Further, you will sit tall with an upright posture, significantly improving your appearance.

Yes, NeoFly is built as per user's (a) body measurement (b) health assessment (c) lifestyle assessment.

You don't need to travel anywhere, and the measurements will be collected while you are at home. NeoMotion Team will guide you step by step on the process.

NeoMotion Team will collect your measurements and needs. Accordingly, the following will be adjusted on NeoFly wheelchair.

  1. Seat Width
  2. Seat Depth
  3. Backrest Height
  4. Backrest Angle
  5. Armrest Height
  6. Footrest Height
  7. Footrest Angle
  8. Footrest Fore-Aft Position
  9. Rear Wheel Position / Center of Gravity
  10. Pushrim Position

Yes, every NeoFly wheelchair is provided with a pressure relief cushion.

Yes, NeoFly wheelchair is foldable and can be carried in auto-rickshaw, car, flight.

Yes, the armrest can be swung away OR removed for transfers.

Yes, NeoFly wheelchair has safety anti-tippers to prevent chances of backward fall.

NeoFly wheelchair's exact weight depends on size and customization selected. Its average weight can be considered as 16 kg.


Yes, you can go to your college or office with NeoBolt. You can park NeoBolt in the parking area and go inside the building on NeoFly. Or if your college or office has large corridors and aisles, you can drive NeoBolt right up to the entrance of your room or seating desk. You can travel effortlessly between classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, and canteen on NeoBolt.

Yes, you can go to market with NeoFly. You can go very close to the entrance of small shops on NeoBolt. If you are going to a mall, you can drive NeoBolt inside the mall. A hanger is provided on NeoBolt where you can hang the items purchased from the market or shopping mall.

Yes, you can go to the park or drive leisurely on NeoBolt. The slow speed mode allows you to drive in a relaxed manner and enjoy the greenery and view around while you drive.

Yes, you can drive NeoBolt on the road. It can navigate through broken roads, mud roads, gravel roads, potholes and speed breakers. It has the necessary on road safety features.

Yes, NeoBolt can climb ramps, flyovers and slopes. The maximum angle that NeoBolt can climb is 8 degrees.

Yes, NeoBolt has a telescopic suspension. Further, the seat cushion will absorb vibrations while driving on an uneven surface.

NeoFly wheelchair has a seatbelt available for use with NeoBolt.

Yes, NeoBolt has a horn. Side indicators with beeping sound are present to alert nearby vehicles while taking a turn.

Yes, NeoBolt has a headlight for front visibility while driving at night. The side indicators can be used at night in constant-on-mode to increase NeoBolt's visibility to passing / neighboring vehicles. Rear red light ensures that vehicles behind are able to see you. The rear red light can be set in a blinking mode for better visibility.

No, NeoBolt can be attached to NeoFly independently by NeoFly user. The process of attaching is simple and can be completed by the wheelchair user independently within 20-30 seconds with low effort. Similarly the process of detaching is simple and can be completed by the user independently within 20-30 seconds.

NeoBolt can be driven at a maximum speed of 25 km per hour. NeoBolt's speed is controlled by an accelerator and brakes like in a two-wheeler automobile.

Yes, NeoBolt can be driven in reverse in slow speed mode by the press of a button.

NeoBolt is powered by a Lithium Ion battery. The battery is rechargeable.

30 km can be driven in one charge.

NeoBolt has a digital dashboard which displays the battery level remaining. The distance remaining can be estimated from the battery level.

NeoBolt's battery can be recharged in 4 hours. An auto cut-off function stops the power supply to the battery once it is recharged.

NeoBolt's battery is recharged by a charger, provided along with NeoBolt. The charger can be connected to a regular household three-pin electric plug point.

NeoBolt's battery can be re-charged at home, office, college, etc. For charging, the battery can be removed from NeoBolt, and taken indoors. The battery weighs 4 kg and can be carried by keeping on the lap of the wheelchair user. The battery charger is small in size and lightweight and can always be carried inside a bag, if needed.

Yes, NeoBolt has a speed limit regulator feature. On powering on, NeoBolt's speed is by default limited to 7 kmph. This speed limit can be used for training purposes. Once the user is trained, the speed limit increase button can be pressed, the speed limit can be gradually increased to 15 kmph and 25 kmph.

No, you do not need a driving license to drive NeoBolt on the road.

Yes, for your safety it is recommended to wear a helmet while driving NeoBolt.

No, NeoBolt can be used only with NeoFly. Conventional wheelchairs are designed for (a) use on smooth terrain (b) low distance of 4-5 km per day and (c) low speeds of 4-5 km per hour with hand propulsion. Conventional wheelchairs may break when used with NeoBolt on (a) uneven roads (b) covering distance of 15-20 km per day and (c) at speeds upto 25 km per hour as they are not designed for these. However, NeoFly is specially designed for these use conditions and is safe to use with NeoBolt.

Purchase & Post Purchase Support

Yes, a tool-kit will be sent along with NeoFly and NeoBolt.

Yes, spare parts will be available for purchase after delivery.

Wheelchair parts undergo wear and tear with use. Instead of changing the entire wheelchair, only specific parts can be replaced when needed. Spare parts will be sent to your door-step. You will be guided through a video tutorial and video call on how to change the spare parts.

Yes, one year warranty is available on NeoMotion products.

Yes, NeoMotion products can be bought from any location in India.

NeoFly is a personalized wheelchair and is made to order. After you provide all details and confirm the order, NeoFly will be built for you in 14 days and dispatched.

Yes, NeoMotion products will be delivered at your home.

You can pay through (a) UPI - Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe (b) Net Banking - NEFT, IMPS (c) Cash Deposit in Bank

Yes, you can pay in installments through either of these options

a) Credit Card - All Major Banks
b) Debit Card - HDFC Bank
c) Bajaj Finserv - In absence of any credit or debit card

NeoMotion products are manufactured in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

NeoFly wheelchairs can be replaced for Size Errors, when notified within two days of receiving the product.